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Welcome to FRVGS Documentation, meticulously crafted to function as your definitive resource for initiating your journey with our packages. Within these pages, you'll encounter comprehensive installation guides and best practices.

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Discover Frequently Asked Questions: Your Go-To Resource for Common Inquiries

How to get support ?

For top-notch support, head over to our Discord channel. Simply open a support ticket, and our team will guide you through the installation of our packages.

How can I retrieve my purchased assets ?

Upon completing a purchase on our platform, Tebex will automatically route the acquired assets to the keymaster account you used during the transaction. To ensure seamless delivery, it's crucial to use your own, personal keymaster account rather than a third-party account.

Is asset transfer to another account possible ?

Absolutely. Within your keymaster account, you have the capability to execute a one-time transfer of assets to another individual's account.

How can I know if an asset is compatible with my framework?

Compatibility information is readily available in each package's description. Our assets are engineered for both standalone and custom framework applications.

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